The Ultimate DDR Solution


Download anyMaina ver 1.5 Installer (271 KB) NEW!

For a maximum media types supported in anyMania, you may also need to:

Download Storm Codec

Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

Some Media Codecs download sites:


anyMania is green-ware and writes no registries. Just extract and run!

anyMania is a shareware. Some great features will not be available in the trial version until it is registered (See feature comparison between trial version and registered version). If you like this program please purchase it. Visit our order page to see how the registration process goes.

Important: To play anyMania with media files in some formats not supported by Microsoft Windows such as cda, rm, ogg, etc., you may need a 3rd codec for DirectShow. e.g., the Storm Codec and the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack are two good choices we strongly recommend. To find out whether a file can be played in anyMania, just play it in Windows Media Player. Click here to learn more.

<Note> anyMania uses Microsoft DirectShow® technology for audio playback. Unfortunately the Windows MPEG Audio CODEC provided with Windows Media Player by default has a bug in length calculating for VBR-mp3 (i.e. Variable Bit-Rate compressed mp3), which would cause seeking problems and thus result in abnormal mp3 playback. So we strongly recommend replacing it with MP3 SOURCE CODEC.

(MP3 SOURCE CODEC is an open-source project maintained by DSP-worx. It is a perfect 3rd party mp3 decoder for Microsoft DirectShow®. Thanks for their great job.)

Version History

* Improved BPM Detection Algorithm

+ Transforming Fancy Background
+ PC Camera as Background
+ Full-screen Mode
* Combat Mode in Double Players
+ Netplay Mode Opened to Trial Users

+ A mass of new media types added (wma, wmv, asf, rm, ogg, ...)

+ Network multiplayer mode added.
+ UI improvement (toolbar, etc.)

v0.13 build 0818
* joystick bug fixed.

+ foot ratings added.
* slight modification in UI

+ add supports for avi/mpeg file.
+ ratio/stretch video mode

+ Mania Ladder beta test. Online score submitting enabled.
* Mania Studio menu entry moved from Settings to Game. Just for more notice.