The Ultimate DDR Solution


Aug 8, 13: NEW! anyMania v1.5 released with improved BPM detection algorithm!

Dec 25, 07: NEW! anyMania v1.0 released on Christmas Day with a lot of cool features! Transforming Fancy Background, PC Camera Support, Full-screen Display, and so on. With a usb web camera, you can now watch your own moves on the background while playing! Check it out!

Mar 25, 06: anyMania v0.15 adds supports for a mass of new media types! (wma, wmv, asf, cda, rm, ogg, ...)

Sep 8, 05: anyMania v0.14 comes with the brand new Network Multiplayer mode! Invite your best friends to play anyMania online! Learn how to start.

Jul 12, 05: anyMania has been collected by and rated 5 Cows!

Jul 7, 05: anyMania brings new challenge with Foot Ratings in version 0.13! Up to 5 difficulty levels from Beginner to Expert optional! Chance to make higher score!

May 26, 05: anyMania supports avi/mpg formats now! Download anyMania v0.12 and start playing DDR with your favorite music videos! See the video sample.

May 12, 05: Mania Ladder beta test opened! Download anyMania v0.11 and show your game scores to the whole world! See how to submit game scores.

May 01, 05: anyMania v0.1 released.


- A DDR Game Customized For Your Own

anyMania is a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution or StepMania) sim game based on music tempo detecting technology. It enables you to play DDR games with your own song files of ANY media types, including audio & video formats.

Are you getting tired of those well-known DDR songs played over and over? Feel boring after playing on those fixed dance steps one thousand times? Forget them all! By the intelligent BPM analysing tool in anyMania, you can now create your own DDR stages with WHATEVER songs you have!

Remember, anyMania plays NOT ONLY audio files. It plays video files too! In that case, you might have guessed, anyMania will use the video for the background! That's right! You can play DDR with your favorite music videos in anyMania! See the video sample in GIF here. (The video playback doesnot look so smooth because it was converted and compressed into GIF)

Screen Shot (Double Player)

- The Best BPM Analyzer In the World

With the easy BPM tool Mania Studio, anyMania provides intelligent music tempo and phase detection with professional quality and flexibility. Both automatic and manual detecting methods are included according to your taste. Also provides detailed detecting settings for dj pros. You can find more instructions in the Tutorial. By the dance steps auto-composing technique, anyMania brings you absolutely different game experiences of infinite possibilities, even if you are playing a same song twice!

Mania Studio

- Challenge Your Online Friends in Network Multiplayer Game

In Network Multiplayer game mode, you can play DDR games with your online friends. Or you can accept challenges from anyone of any country in the world. What's more, we opened a world wide tournament in Mania Ladder where players can submit game scores for ranking. Now it's your responsibility to show your DDR power to everyone!

Netplay Panel


  • Media formats supported: wav/mp3/avi/mpg/wma/wmv/asf/cda/rm/rmvb/ogg/... and many more!
  • Single/Double Player, Network Multiplayer
  • Professional BPM analyzing in both high speed and high accuracy
  • Dance Step Auto-composing
  • Single File/Album Play Mode
  • Smooth Gear Shift
  • Up to 5 Level Foot Ratings Optional
  • Keyboard/Joystick/Dance Pad Supported
  • Transforming Fancy Background new
  • PC Web Camera as Background new
  • Online game score ranking in Mania Ladder
  • Absolutely Green Ware
Features Trial Version Registered Version
Track Time 90-second Limit Unlimited
BPM Detection Single Batch
Album Play
Foot Ratings
Mania Ladder
Price Free $24.95 $14.95


  • Video Card Supports DirectX 7.0 or Higher
  • Microsoft® Windows 2000/xp with DirectX 8.1 or higher installed
  • More than 300KB Hard Disk Space
  • Media Codecs/Filters for Microsoft DirectShow®
  • Network Adapter (for Network Play)